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The last of the Mexicans

That would be a Daniel Day Lewis movie I’d watch… However, if you have a picture of our non-Mexican Mexican friend to submit for the “Make Him A Mexican” challenge – today is the day. Last chance to win a fabulous Mexican prize. I promise you will be disappointed by whatever it is I choose to send your way should you win.

Entries have dried up somewhat, but a couple of people have suggested they’d be entering, and haven’t yet. So get cracking. Here’s a late submission from my wife, Robyn, who is working up some mad photoshopping skillz.

Unempowered competition

Dave from CafeDave sent me this link of a competition that is just about impossible to win, Australia’s Most Powerful Tradie competition… the “don’ts” rule out just about any interesting entries – they start in about the 46th second. The challenge is to win an unbreakable Hilux ute by performing a “power move” – the power move can’t be fun, interesting, dangerous, at work, in public, with tools… I’m left wondering what it can possibly involve.

Did you know: running a competition

If you are running a competition in Queensland you are not permitted to offer the following as a prize(PDF)…

Something to think about…

Prohibited Prizes
Prohibited prizes in a promotional game are:

  • a tobacco product;
  • surgery;
  • a weapon or ammunition;
  • any other item the sale or acquisition of which is restricted by legislation of the State or Commonwealth;
  • a ticket or other chance in a game that is not approved under a gaming act.