Ping Pong 2.0

Table Tennis. Check. Data projector. Check. Motion Sensor. Ambient fish graphic. Check.

That’s a recipe for an awesomely trippy futuristic/1970s crossover party. Or something. Check it out.

“PingPongPlus is a digitally enhanced version of the classic ping-pong game. It is played with ordinary, un-tethered paddles and balls, and features a “reactive table” that incorporates sensing, sound, and projection technologies. Projectors display patterns of light and shadow on the table; bouncing balls leave images of rippling water; and the rhythm of play drives accompanying music and visuals. In the process, this project explores new ways to couple athletic recreation and social interaction with engaging digital enhancements. ”

Hot plate

Little sister number two suggested I should check out designbloom. I did, but didn’t think much of it. Until another site sent me to these awesome plates that aims to do away with any other cooking appliance. Except perhaps a weather forecasting toaster

Convenience store convergence

This week I’m all about convergence devices – toasters printing weather forecasts and the like. One day there’ll be a gadget that does just about everything. Oh wait. That’s an iPhone. Apparently I’m getting my work one soon – fingers crossed…

Anyway. I give you. The Trolley Bike. And instructions on how to make one yourself. Thanks to instructables…