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The times, they are a-chaining…

You can buy this clock, which is a pretty cool fixture if you want to make a hipster friendly cafe, or just be awesome.

Colourblind Clock the perfect excuse for tardiness

I’m slightly colourblind. It doesn’t trouble me all that much, because it’s pretty rare that one is confronted with one of those dot tests with obscured numbers.

But this clock, which takes the form of said dot tests, gives me the perfect excuse to be late for everything… the same way I have the perfect excuse to run red lights (ie. by the age of 26 I should know where the correct lights and numbers sit on the traffic lights or clock).

It’s worth just 35 pounds. A small price to pay.

Clocking Off

I like clocks. Especially clever clocks. These are clever clocks.

On Foot

On Foot displays the world record times for running different distances. Three arcs map the records to the hours, minutes and seconds on the watch. The outer arc shows records of less than 60 seconds: 100m, 200m and 400m. The two inner arcs align with the minute and hour hand respectively, for records of under and over one hour, showing distances from 800 metres all the way up to 100km

Hubless Clock

The creator of this clock set out to create a clock with no hands, it’s just got two rotating circles…

Switchital Clock
This one’s my favourite. Its mechanism uses a bunch of rearranging magnets. Watch it in action in the video clip.

Super Mario Clock

What time is it when the big hand points to Flower Power Mario and the little hand points to Mario64?

You can answer this question for your friends, countrymen or children if you purchase this clock from etsy.

Magic clock uses light of hand

Here’s the description of how it works from mocoloco.

“Narrow rays of light that sneak through small slits in the bezel act as second, minute and hour hands”

It was designed by a Japanese design group called Mile Project.


You know you’ve taken your clock concept too far when it needs 12 other clocks to form the clockface. 

But that’s what Humans since 1982 have done. And it kind of works… if you like clocks that go a conceptual step too far. 

More info and pics are available here.


It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow – or perhaps Mothers’ Day – depending on your marital status – or indeed your understanding of the definition of the day. Perhaps you’ve forgotten to buy a present. Well, you’re out of time. Unless you buy something online – and perhaps, given that you’ve forgotten your mum, you should buy a clock. Here’s some fun ones from around the interwebs – and where to buy them. The good ones aren’t cheap.

Binary Clock

Vaguely descriptive clock

Code clock

The “back to university maths” clock

The rolling narrative clock

The Digital Bookshelf clock

The magic bowl of water clock


I like good clocks and I can not lie… well I can actually lie, but I do like good clocks. They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I especially like clever clocks. Like these:

The Redundant Clock

It’s by Ji Lee who works as a designer for google. He famously designed this cool business card:

And this one… the one I like to call…

The Personal Doomsday Clock

The mechanism has been slowed down so that every number is a year.