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Star Wars Crayons

If only I’d spent more time playing with crayons as a kid and less time trying to eat them or whatever it was I did.

From Flickr.

Gourmet Crayons

Have you ever looked at the colour of your carrots, peas, or corn and thought “gee, that would make a great crayon?” To be honest, I haven’t either. But I’m still enamoured by this concept – crayons made using food. And they’re edible.

Nice. From Luxirare.

Crayola’s Law

´╗┐Where do they get the colours from? Who knows. But since the history of crayons Crayola’s colour range has doubled every 28 years.

Image via weathersealed.com

From here, via here.

Art with crayons

Crayons. We all grow up drawing with them – and then most of us graduate to pencils and other less waxy implements. Who knew that you could create such high brow pieces of art with Crayolas. Here they are masquerading as pixels