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At least ten R2-D2 items you don’t want or need

I don’t really get excited by Star Wars – which is why I mercifully (or mercilessly) flogged off my garage sale haul of Star Wars figurines rather than putting them in a cupboard to look at once every couple of years.

But, I do see weird Star Wars merchandise from time to time as I trawl the internet for blogworthy goodness – to be honest they’ve all fallen into my lap via Google Reader. Now I am collating them for your reading pleasure… in no particular order.

Yes, a Plush robot. Probably life size, but who can tell.

A backpack

A tissue box cover

A Pepper Mill

A pool toy – available in Target apparently…


A children’s laptop

An aquarium

A drink bottle

A Nutcracker

A USB drive.

An all in one remote controlled media centre, DVD drive and projector

An iPhone controlled life sized robot companion