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Why Cycling is incredibly cool

It looks, to the uninformed, like an individual sport. But check out these quotes from the Aussie guy who came fourth at the Commonwealth Games after essentially sacrificing his energy, and his lead, to help a fellow Australian take gold. Chris Sutton won’t get paid for his sacrifice, nor does he get a medal.

“I never got a medal, but I came here to lead Allan Davis out and that’s what we did, he won,” Sutton said.

“I was so happy when he won because that means we did our job perfect.

“The reward is to represent your country, it’s such an honour, and to be part of a gold medal like that is incredible. Allan Davis, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

This would be an awesome photo, though it has to be described in words because I can’t find it on google images, or any of the stories…

“I saw him put his arms up and I put my arms up and looked to the sky and just went ‘that’s great, that’s what we came here to do’.”

Here’s the SMH story. The SMH seem to understand cycling a little better than the ABC who ran this picture with the story, cropping Sutton out…

YouTube Tuesday: There’s a moral here somewhere…