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Cure or Carcinogen

This site, Kill or Cure, exists to chart the Daily Mail’s sensationalist stories about things that give you cancer, or prevent cancer – or in the case of caffeine (and other substances) – do both.

For some reason this all reminds me of this Eels song – Cancer for the Cure.

Daily Mail Fail: Interesting flood coverage

When I want to know what’s going on in regional Queensland I turn to that bastion of quality reportage – England’s Daily Mail. Because they have all the bases covered. Reporting not just on Queensland but the separatist state of Capricornia – there will be some in North Queensland who think this is a good thing indeed.

From the Daily Mail, via Findo.

Nanny state

I hate stupid legal proceedings. And this one takes the cake. The court in the UK should be absolutely ashamed of this.

Here’s the summary of the story:

The couple’s nightmare started in October 2003 when Mrs Webster took their second son to hospital with a swollen leg.

He was found to have a number of small fractures which doctors said could be caused only by physical abuse.

The following year they were permanently removed and put up for adoption after a one-day court hearing.

Medical experts later concluded that the injuries were not caused by violent twisting and shaking, but were symptoms of rare case of scurvy.

Mr Webster, 35, and his 27-year-old wife fled to Ireland in 2006 to stop their fourth child, Brandon,  being taken into care at birth.

The Appeal Court ruled on Wednesday that even though the Websters ‘may well’ have been victims of a miscarriage of justice the adoption order on their eldest three children could not be revoked because the youngsters are now settled with their adoptive parents.

Apparently the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and a parent’s fundamental right to raise their children are both things of the past in the UK.