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Visions of the future

If, over the next forty years, you want to keep a running tally of how closely Hollywood’s vision of the future matches our own – your job is made easier by this chart…

From Dan Meth.

Meth busters

The title of this post is only appropriate because it contains a passing reference to a popular television show and the name of the guy who designed the stuff I’m posting. Dan Meth. Creator of the fantastic trilogy graphic has produced a series of pop culture graphics. Included below for your enjoyment, education and edification are images mapping the location of popular sitcoms, the location of New York based sitcoms and the layout of sitcom sets from popular series throughout history.

Trilograph: Graphical representation of movie trilogies

I think this is a little harsh on the Godfather 3 – which I did sort of enjoy. But it’s purely subjective. 

I’d like to count how many movies this year are sequels or “franchise” movies. I actually think there’s been a decrease. 

Comes from Dan Meth. Who also produced arguably the best 3 minutes of kids television concepts ever – including “Meat Tales” the stories of the Old Testament made alive through cuts of meat…

For Kids! from Dan Meth on Vimeo.