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Darth Vader. Unicycle. Bagpipes. Absolutely necessary

Possibly this is somebody re-enacting a venn diagram of meme fodder.

Who knows what it is. It’s weird, and it made my Sunday night.

Via stellar.io

Homer Simpson painted by Rembrant

Obviously this would have been much harder to animate.

And, as a bonus, Marge Simpson in the style of Johannes Vermeer.

And as a bonus bonus. Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh style.

And Darth Vader Monet style…

Shirt of the Day: Font Vader

May the font be with you…

Get it as a shirt here.

Fonts used include:

“Scala, Halibut condensed, Bordeaux light, balogna bold, Helvetica neue LT std, Gallante wild regular, Cressida, gressida, gardl, agatha, mahoney, eye rhyme, ranegund, adventurer black sf italic, F&H ronish – style, jessica, kunstler script, myriad pro bold cond, agency, street corner hyper extend, minstrella reg, wizard, context black ssk, bordeaux black slant, excess, organa condensed, chinyen normal”

Volks Vader

You’ve probably seen this ad already. It is pretty brilliantly geared towards being a viral hit. Cute Kid. Star Wars. Short.

My favourite bit about the Internet’s love affair with the video was this little idea for Jedi themed Pass the Parcel at kid’s parties from BoingBoing:

“What we did was modify the game, “pass the parcel.” We had saw online that there were Star Wars versions of this, which primarily involved wrapping something up like a ball, and calling it a Death Star. However, we thought that it would be way more fun if we could convince the kids that if they used the “force” they could get the stereo to stop the music (and therefore entitling them to the act of unwrapping). This, of course, is easy to do since pretty much every stereo these days comes with a remote. Note that, obviously, the Star Wars theme was the music being played during the game. I tell you: it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen – here you have a group of 5 year olds “concentrating” so hard, and doing the classic Jedi hand gesture at the stereo trying to make the music stop.”

Vader after dentist

There’s a growing trend of reply and counter reply videos being made for popular YouTube videos. Here’s a great response to the “David after Dentist” video I posted last week… It made me laugh. Out loud.

These made me laugh…

Language warning on both these though – only mild for the top one… it’s bleeped out.