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Stupid is as stupid does

I think a case could be made for judging somebody’s intelligence based on how vacant their eyes are. Possibly it’s a question of how vacant their eyes are in a headshot after they’ve done something incredibly stupid.

Exhibit A is suing his school after he was dared (possibly by his teacher as well as his friends) to clip cables to his nipples and zap himself.

“Dubois [the student] and his parents claim teacher Thomas Kelley did not tell him and other students of the dangers of the demonstration power cords in their electrical trades class.”

The normally reliable Daily Mail got at least one element of the story wrong though… they call the incident an electrocution and the man is, thankfully, still alive.

Exhibit B was a young man who caught fire while trying to steal fuel from a van in a church car park.

“Evansville police report King was burned as he was using a cordless drill to drill into the gas tank of a 2001 Chevrolet van on the lot of Abundant Faith Church, 1228 Lodge Ave. Something sparked, according to the police report, catching the van on fire and burning King.”

Perhaps people are actually as dumb as they look, and on a completely unrelated note, perhaps it’s time for me to buy a pair of spectacles.

What could possibly go wrong

I am really enjoying “There I Fixed It” – you should be too. Just in case you missed last week’s feature here’s another piece of Darwin Award inspired brilliance.