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Buy your plastic Jesus

When Mark Driscoll came to town last year he wanted us to “burn our plastic Jesus” you can’t do that if you don’t own one. I didn’t own one, I didn’t know where to buy one. Now I do. And you can get a deluxe edition too.

The lack of quality in the craftsmanship is enough to have me becoming an iconoclast.

Put a cap on your can

If you’re too uncoordinated to drink out of a can without spilling your drink down your shirt then maybe, just maybe, this set of 12 bottle tops for cans will come in handy.

I think they’re dumb…

Foot fault: Tan lines

Sock tan is a national disgrace. With weather like ours, and with the national footwear being the thong, Australians have no excuse for white feet and ankles.

If you bear the shame of pale feet then you best get one of these – and you can thank me for it later.

It’s a tanning solution. A solarium for the feet. Get one for your socially outcast family members this Christmas for just under $230. They’ll thank you for it…

Metal detecting shoes make bad hobby slightly less bad

Metal detecting is apparently the world’s worst hobby. I would have suggested bird watching fit that bill – but the results are in… Or so Slate says anyway

About two percent of the problem with metal detecting as a hobby comes from having to lug the metal detector around with you.

Now you don’t have to. You can wear them on your feet

And they look really stylish too – you can wear them to parties – who knows what you might pick up…