Sticky fun: Draw a Stick Man

This is the most fun I’ve had on the Internet since, well, since the last time I found a cool link. You draw a stick man. He comes to life. He fights a dragon. Good times. ‘Twould be cool to draw Trogdor and have a dragon fighting a dragon… Here’s my viking style stick man with an elongated chin.

You get prompted to give your stick figure a sword, so don’t feel like you need to include one in the beginning.

Tumblrweed: Fastest possible drawings of things

If there’s one thing I like about this particular tumblr, fastest possible, it’s that it shows its possible to build an audience for one’s art without actually being good at it. I’m horrible at drawing. Pictionary only works for me if I figure out subtle ways of cheating. One time I was playing pictionary online with some friends. We were all sitting in the same room, on different computers, playing against people from the other side of the world. And we’d just draw a bunch of random stuff and guess right, that memory still makes me laugh. Anyway. Fastest possible… the aim is to recognisably represent a thing in the fastest way possible. Perfectly fusing minimalism and pictionary. Some samples…

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