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Confessions #3: I only let other cars in because I hope for a courtesy wave

Picture this. You’re driving to work/college/home. It’s peak hour. There are many other cars sharing the road. There’s a spot where cars are known to park in the left hand lane. You duly merge ahead of time, because you used to live on that stretch of road and know accidents happen there. It even has a “black spot” sign that acknowledges that the government knows accidents happen there but can’t be bothered installing a “no parking” sign because that would be expensive. But wait, they installed a black spot sign there… anyway.

You have merged into the middle lane and you decide to be charitable. You let other cars in. Helping them to avoid a certain fender bender. And what? No wave. That’s just rude.

Really. The courtesy wave. That’s what I live for on the road – I really am quite a courteous driver. But only because I want you to acknowledge that I’ve made your day that little bit easier by removing the stress that comes from an impending obstacle, or perhaps a long delay at an intersection. Perhaps you’re ignoring the road rules and I’m cutting you some slack. Know this. I only do it in the hope that you’ll either wind down your window and wave, or hold up your left hand under your rear view mirror in the universally accepted and acknowledged manner.

That is all.

Gunning your engines

So you’re a wimp. It’s ok. You can’t all be big and strong like me. And having to interact with those of us who walk in the land of giants must be tough when you have such puny arms. Especially on the roads – where you never know who’s going to cut you off, requiring an extra stern stare. This can get you in a bit of trouble. Because you are a runt who can’t take on anybody.

Avoid needless confrontation by sticking one of these on your car. It’ll be the best US$0.50 you’ve ever spent.