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How to get more dropbox space in a slightly tricky fashion

So my recent Dropbox ad giveaway was pretty popular, and while I was scrounging around to see if I could get more free advertising dollars I came across this offer from Google. Because I work as a web and social media consultant (and I do), I could sign up to become a Google Engage Partner.

They give me a bunch of $75 vouchers. You set up a google adwords account (using a gmail address, and registering at google.com/adwords). I send you a voucher code. You build your own $75 ad campaign with your dropbox referral link.

We all win. Except me. But I get to give something away. First ten people who meet these criteria can have a code:

  • Vouchers can only be used on new accounts opened in the last 14 days with a new billing address located in Australia or New Zealand.
  • An AdWords account can use only one voucher.

PS email me to get the code, my address is floating around on the site somewhere. If you want to hire me as a consultant you can use that email address too. Though I’m currently fairly flat out.

How to get more Dropbox space for free, but not from me

So my special dropbox offer from Sunday proved pretty popular – and sadly all the spots are full. I’m learning about google ads. And it’s really hard to juggle a bunch of advertising campaigns all using the same keywords so that the love is fairly shared around equally.

But anyway. My google credit is almost gone. Some people have told me they’ve got referrals. If you haven’t – and you were one of the people who gave me your referral link, let me know. And I’ll see if I can tweak things slightly.

But anyway. Here are some tips if you missed out, which I only read about today as I was ferreting around for more ways to boost my space.

You can grab more space by playing the social game. Just go to http://dropbox.com/free.

And, as a better bonus, for those people who are currently students, or employed by an educational institution, or in the possession of an alumni .edu email address – you can double the bonus you get for a successful referral by visiting http://dropbox.com/edu – they’ll even double the space they’ve given you for previous referrals. Which would be great. If QTC gave its students .edu addresses.

If you don’t Dropbox – check it out via this link: http://db.tt/ZClCQFXi (which will give me a little bit more space).

How to get more Dropbox space from me for free

Dropbox is, without doubt, the coolest and most useful webapp/utility going round. If you don’t use it – click here – and sign up via my referral link. Then I’ll get some extra space.

The referral system is a brilliant way for Dropbox to grow, and it’s at the heart of this post.

Dropbox offers 250 megabytes per referral in online storage space, and everybody has one of those referral links.

I have a Google adwords account. I used it to play around with some ad stuff a while ago. When I signed up, Google gave me $75 of free advertising. This week they gave me another $100 for some reason.

So I set up an ad for Dropbox using my referral link. I’d read about this trick on Lifehacker. 18 free dollars later, I’m up to 6GB in Dropbox space, and I still have a bit of Google money left.

So I’m willing to offer the first five people who ask in the comments here their very own ad with their very own referral link – just email it to me, or post it as a link in the comments. I don’t mind. I’ll put $10 of my google credit towards your campaign.

It seems to work better during office hours in a non-Australian timezone – ie I got most of my clicks overnight on Thursday, our time.

So anyway. Hit me up. And if you don’t use Dropbox already, click here.

UPDATE: The five slots filled up pretty quickly. Sorry to those who missed out.