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“Kinetic Ministry” makes me want to apply palm to face with force…

So it works. Right? I feel a movement. Check out this guy, Caleb Brundidge, who is one of the “drunk in the spirit” mob I’m so fascinated by. Except he’s a dancer/DJ.

Here’s the little blurb that came with this video:

“Caleb Brundidge Is sensitive to the atmosphere as here since the presence of Angels stirring up the earths atmosphere.”

This is the blurb that he posted on this next video. Of himself flag dancing.

“Caleb is a awesome Flagger He moves in dance and flag worship like none other. You must watch this Video of Him flagging.”

Here he is doing “church” with some sort of Superman cape on…

When he “worships” with flags it opens up portals in the atmosphere. Like Moses opening the Red Sea.

They use the terms of Christianity. But I do not think it means what they think it means.

On a slightly related note – here’s another video from Australia’s own “New Mystic” – Matt Foord. Watch for the “Cockadoodle Doo”…

More “Drunk” in the Spirit nonsense

I can not believe that there are more than five people in the world who are part of this creepy and crazy movement.

But here you go.

This guy has a mo-hawk.

This guy has a goatee.

Both are completely bonkers.