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Nananananananana nananananananana… Mathman

This is pretty cool. I knew graphical calculators played some useful purpose. I once spent a couple of high school math lessons drawing a Happy Meal. But this is better. Somebody figured out the equation, or series of equations, for producing the Batman logo.

Via BoingBoing so it must be true.

The old Batman logo is mathematical, the new one is apparently whimsical. It appears to be based around a baby unicorn. Who knew.

The equation of life

The inverse graphical calculator creates a graph out of words you input then gives you the equation to generate the graph.
Here is the equation for Jesus.

Here is one I prepared earlier.

Life as a mathematical expression

Sister number two thought she was really clever when she first discovered vectors. “Everything is vectors” she said. And she would find ways to express everything in vector terminology. At least that’s how I remember that annoying phase of her life.

Here is a website that goes one better. Envisaging life and philosophical concepts in the form of mathematical equations.

So in this case the equation would be:

morenewmaths = sister number 2 + vectors + 1.

Like these.