Sleep in a vegetative state

So, apparently the US Congress might not have declared pizza to be a vegetable afterall – though that’s been the public perception of their move to identify pizza as a healthy lunch time snack for school children… that’s neither here nor there though. Because you’ll still totally want one of these pizza sleeping bags…

From Etsy.

The same seller has this nifty bacon scarf which is complementary, rather than complimentary. Or whichever one isn’t free but goes well with the other…

Big brown bear bean bag

This bean bag would serve more purpose if I lived somewhere that big brown bears lived. It could keep big brown bears in the yard and out of the house by acting as a decoy. Oh well.

For sale on Etsy. It’s like a scarebear (as opposed to a scarecrow, not as opposed to a carebear).

Tumblrweed: Sad Etsy boyfriends

This urlesque post about sad etsy boyfriends turned into its own single serving Tumblr pretty quickly. Because that’s how the Internet works.

For those scratching their heads trying to figure out what the nouns in that sentence mean, here’s a quick reference glossary…

urlesque – a blog collecting bits of the web.
etsy – a “sell your handcrafts” service where makers can sell their creations to the world.
sad etsy boyfriends – the male partners of etsy users who are, by appearance, forced by their other halves to model said creations.
tumblr – a blogging platform that lets you create and share content very quickly.

Tumblrweed is a series of posts where I share some of my favourite, or newly discovered, single serving tumblrs.

The emperor’s new cups

I am of the opinion that Styrofoam cups are a single use affair. They’re lucky to last a whole use in my hands. I like to rip them into shreds. This guy likes to turn them into art, selling them on the Internet for a tidy profit… though reading through his description of the effort one of his pieces took on Flickr makes me wonder if it’s all worthwhile.

If you want to pay $190 for a $0.03 cup then this guy wants to talk to you… I’ll scribble on a cup for just $5.

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