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Faulty Towers

Brad Towers is the “Lead Vision Caster” for the fictional Ridge View Bible Church – he’s blogging his way through his new career. It’s a journey worth following (Gary has posted links to a few pieces from his blog this week). Here’s a sample – describing his approach on his first Sunday in the job.

“People are going to walk into the sanctuary and it’s going to be pitch black. Suddenly, a beam of light will split the darkness, shining directly onto the worship leader (who I haven’t met yet, but I think his name is Thad). Thad will be playing an electric guitar, and will start playing a guitar lick that sounds like the opening from “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

People will look at each other and be like, “Are we at a U2 concert?”

Then without warning, the band will kick in, and they’ll actually be playing a Chris Tomlin song. At this point people will turn to each other with a knowing smile. They’re not at a U2 concert, this is church, baby!”

More importantly – and here’s one Labor could have paid attention to – is his take on mission statements.

“A mission statement (future leaders, write this down), is like a piece of art or a beautiful symphony. The more you study it, the more you get out of it. It’s not supposed to be hard and fast. You find your own meaning in a mission statement. You create your own mission out of the mission. (That’s an inspirational sentence if I ever wrote one).”