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A how to guide to “Obliterating Animal Carcasses With Explosives”

I hope this is real. Allegedly this is a guide produced for a forest service in the US.

“The following examples illustrate partial obliteration (dispersion) for a horse that weighs about 1,100 pounds (453.6 kilograms). In the first example, urgency is not a factor. Perhaps a few days are expected before the public is to visit the area, or perhaps bears will not be attracted to the carcass. In any case, in this example, dispersion is acceptable.

Place 3 pounds (1.36 kilograms) of explosives under the carcass in four locations (Figure 1). The carcass can then be rolled onto the explosives if necessary.

Place 1 pound (.45 kilograms) of explosives in two locations on each leg.

Use detonator cord to tie the explosives charges together.

Use water bags to hold the explosives close to the carcass if it is impractical to place charges under the carcass, for example when the carcass is laying in water.

Horseshoes should be removed to minimize dangerous flying debris.”

Via Metafilter.

At this point one wishes these instructions (except the horseshoe bit) were adhered to in this case.

Why Michael Bay likes explosions

Correlation would seem to indicate causation in this case… even though cool guys don’t look at explosions.

There’s a bigger exploration of the phenomenon known as “Bayhem” here. Some further stats…

Explosive Art: There’s something very cool about art with bombs

This is amazing. The creation at 2:06 is just mind blowing. And wall blowing.

A dangerous equation

So, here is a lesson for wives:







If math isn’t your thing you should check out the story – essentially, a husband tried to kill a spider with an aerosol, couldn’t see if he’d got it because the light in the bathroom wasn’t working so he lit a match. And kaboom. He had to be taken to hospital.

Slow motion explosions

While cool guys don’t look at explosions and exception can probably be made for looking at slow motion explosions – even slow motion explosions involving toy cars.

YouTube Tuesday: Explosions

So it’s Wednesday today – but Tuesday was a bit of a write off thanks to a stomach bug and an endless stream of comments to moderate…

But I’ll make up for it. Promise. With this song that points out a particularly interesting cinematic phenomena – I’d never noticed it before. But I’ll leave it to the band to explain…