Extreme Segway

4WD Segway

The real reason Segways haven’t taken the world by storm (despite having awesome brand placement on shows like Arrested Development) is that they’re not really all terrain personal transportation devices.

Here’s a handy solution.

One point post

If you have two unrelated points and you can’t think of a way to link them then you don’t have a segue, right? There goes your career on current affairs television…

If you have a one wheeled gyroscope you also don’t have a segway – you’ve got half a Segway, or an Orbis.

Extreme Segway

Segways are our future. So it’s great to know that in the future there’ll still be something like Motocross for bogans to enjoy.

Speaking of Motocross reminds me of an old motorbike racing game Paul (best man at my wedding – currently in South America and occasional reader) and I bought once where you could design your own awesome tracks and win money to upgrade your bikes… it was awesome.

Anyway, I found this at Gizmodo.

Segway Supercross!

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