Infographic of the Day: Some more amazing social media stats…

While we’re on the subject…

This is why we Christians need to think about how we use social media for Jesus.

Via Jeff Bullas

Your Weekly Facebook Infographic: Facebook v Twitter

This is a little old. But it’s an interesting comparison. At one point Farmville had more users on Facebook than the entire Twitterverse.

Via Walyou.

How Facebook Works

It’s true.

From Tastefully Offensive.

Facebook Usage Infographic #32

These infographics are a dime a dozen. But this is yet another reason that if you’re trying to sell a product, or an idea, you need to figure out how to use Facebook well to engage your potential customers/audience.

Infographic: What your profile picture says about you

In infographic form.

Via Geekologie.

Facebook Demo-info-graphic

Is your mother on Facebook? Old people are signing up like never before…