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This Elephant man has a lesson for us all

But what is it? If you’ve had a bad day at work then this guy has you covered?

Say “I love you” with Tetris

To me, this Tetris love letter is a little bit unclear.

It could be interpreted as: “Your love is like a row of blocks that I am going to clear” or “I am going to claim you and remove any traces of your former identity.”

But I like the sentiment.

From FailBlog.

When all else fails… succeed

Journalistic hazards

I deal with journalists frequently. They are often a cause of professional frustration. But it can be a tough job. Especially when your screw ups are very public, and live. Like these.

Fail to a T

FailBlog is mostly funny. Sometimes it’s not. This time it’s Mr T awesome.

Emoticonally challenged

Back in 2006 I wrote about why I hate emoticons. Basically if you use them incessantly or if your online dialogue is peppered with LOLs and ROFLs then I’ll probably find online discourse with you really annoying.

Emoticons and LOLs are starting to appear in actual verbal conversation. People now indicate laughter by saying LOL LOL LOL. If each of those LOLs is indicative of a bout of real life laughter then basically you’re abbreviating your response to things and packing in added hilarity. People also now feel the need to articulate the expression on their face – by saying “sadface” where they’d traditionally :( in typed text. This is sad. Particularly in the light of research that shows face to face communication is about 58 percent non-verbal, 35 percent “vocal” (tone etc)  and only 7% verbal (the words you use). And it’s annoying. This is a bit ranty, and it’s really just an intro to a story I just read and thought I’d share…

We may never know the degree of sorrow felt by a young Novosibirsk woman over the traffic cop she struck and killed with her car while driving drunk. But a senior traffic safety official said the “cynicism” of the suspect is exemplified by the text message – complete with emoticon – she sent her boyfriend after killing the officer:

“Honey, I killed a cop. I’m sorry :( What should I do?”

Yeah, nice. Her emotions are so beautifully captured by a colon and a parenthesis. That, to pick up another piece of online lingo is a “sympathy fail”.

The boyfriend’s priceless PR advice:

Create a “scandal and don’t say or sign anything.”

That is all.

Green debate humming along

The Green Debate continues. This fail blog post seemed too serendipitous to ignore. Join in. If you dare. I’d be particularly interested if anybody has time to actually read all the Bible verses Amy’s friend the pastor has submitted for consideration.

YouTube Tuesday (a day behind)

One of my favourite EA sports games was the Rugby League 96 game featuring commentary from Channel 9’s commentary team – with no Phil Gould. I hate Phil Gould (except when he’s coaching NSW). One of Paul Vautin’s frequent pieces of commentary advice was for people who did something stupid to “give themselves an uppercut”. This guy took that advice literally…

Maths fail

I have been meaning to post this for a while. Spot the problem. From failblog.

A bright spark: Coffee Machine update

My coffee machine is working again. It seems the water that I found in various parts of the machine was probably the problem. Based on my diagnosis (which could well be flawed) the waste water bottle being full caused the issue. But if the problem occurs again I’ll have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

I did get to pull the machine apart again and used that as an opportunity to comprehensively photograph its gizzards.

My desktop PC and Breadmaker are both still out of commission. Hopefully not permanently.