Requiem for a Day Off

The soundtrack is my favourite part of the incredibly depressing Requiem for a Dream. Especially Lux Æterna. It’s such a great soundtrack song. Here it is giving a dark and dramatic edge to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, in another classic Bueller mash-up.

Here it is being applied to the Little Mermaid…

And Pocahontas.

And a clever Toy Story mash up (embedding is disabled and there’s a language warning)

Incidentally, if you watch Requiem for a Dream backwards it’s an incredibly uplifting tale about a pair of drug addicts who enter recovery and restore their relationships with their families before living happily ever after.

What if Ferris Bueller was an emo? Or a drug addict?

His day off would look a little bit like this. You might also like to see Ferris Bueller recut as Fight Club. Both options make a lot of sense.

Or this…

You might notice the similarity between the music on this video and the Extra one I just posted – it’s the same song, from the incredibly dark and depressing Requiem for a Dream.

Confessions #4: When I’m sick I wish I was faking it

I’m struck down with a case of man flu today. I don’t really have a voice anymore. My throat hurts. Last night I had a bizarre bout of shivering complete with chattering teeth. I think I’m actually sick. And I hate it. It seems like such a waste of a day at home. There are heaps of things I’d rather do while not being where I’m meant to be. I could watch movies. I could make grass angels in the yard (like snow angels but not).

Today is a rainy and miserable day too. Perfect for watching movies and drinking hot drinks. In front of a fire. But I feel dreadful. I’m still in bed. How I wish I was faking it.

Chucking a sickie is awesome. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off captured the sickie zeitgeist and also provided me, in my childhood, with a foolproof method of creating clammy skin. Lick your hands. Rub your forehead. Wallah. A day off. Faking diarrhea is always good too – because it’s almost completely unverifiable (who wants to check) and it has that awkwardness about it that means people don’t ask questions when you’re phoning it in.

Ferris Club

While I’m posting this string of YouTube mashups, here’s Ferris Bueller meets Fight Club. A little language warning in this one… Alan Ruck (Cameron) does look a bit like Edward Norton too.