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How to host a water fight

This is:

a) a really cool film clip concept.
b) the world’s biggest water fight.
c) a cool idea for an event for a church/university group to run.
d) a catchy, happy song.
e) all of the above.

YouTube Tuesday: Music to my ears

It’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time for another round of YouTube Tuesday. And another chance for you to share your favourite videos in the comments.

Here’s my contribution.

If you read this and you don’t post your own video in the comments (using the little youtube link on the top right of the comment box (you just have to post the URL to the video not the embed code)) it’s like I’ve put my hand up for a high five and you’ve left me hanging. Not cool.

Literal music videos

If only the words of songs were better tied to what was going on in the film clips.

I’m sure you’ve often thought that too… well there are plenty of these on YouTube to satisfy your literal desires.