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Tired of #firstworldproblems (like looking for Christmas presents)? Give #thirdworldpresents this year

This video is apparently old (Robyn tells me she saw it months ago)… but in the tradition of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves (scroll down), here are some third world people reading first world problems to raise money for clean water where it is needed.

For $25 you can buy someone the gift of giving clean water to a family or community from TEAR’s Really Useful Gift catalogue this Christmas.

Here are some celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves on Late Nights with Jimmy Fallon…


First World Problems Rap

Sometimes, in my more lucid moments, as I watch the bickering on Q&A, I’m reminded how lucky our country is that our politicians argue over stuff like where we put timber plantations… these are first world problems. And we have a lot to be thankful for. Luckily we have an incredible capacity to whinge about just about anything.