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The building blocks of the Reformation: Luther in Lego

This Flickr set of Reformation images reconstructed using Lego comes a semester too late for me… but given that I think Luther was all for communicating truth using every available medium, I reckon he’d love this.

High speed droplet photography

Time magazine covers in the US compared with the rest of the world

This says something. Right?

From Flickr.

First Person Umbrella

Sick and tired of the great unwashed. Tired of slow walkers. Or worse, public smokers… well. Use this umbrella, and your imagination, to blow them away.

Umbrella for Urban Combat

From the blurb on Flickr.

“Around Harvard you can tell the MBAs in the rain because they’re the ones with the giant umbrellas. Those are are nice about it raise their umbrella and generally play well with others on the sidewalk. The jerks are the ones who barge through the city hitting the umbrellas of others at will.

It’s because of them that I’ve invented the Urban Combat Umbrella which lets you exact virtual revenge by putting them in your sights and making shooting noises until you heart’s content.”

An infographic featuring popular infographic types

Just in case you’re planning to put together a viral hit.


From Flickr.

A Twitter tribute to Steve Jobs

People are saying that Steve Jobs is our John Lennon. Or something. I can sort of see it. But cancer isn’t a gunpoint assassination. And technology isn’t music. Anyway. Watching the outpouring of grief on social networks surrounding the death of this admittedly pretty amazing guy has been pretty culturally revealing. Christians fall into a few camps – some have expressed hope that Jobs found Jesus, some have pointed out that a life lived for success on this earth is hollow, I did both. Some have thanked Jobs for the impact his products had on their ability to do ministry. I don’t think the Westboro Baptists are Christians. But they announced via iPhone on Twitter, that they’d be protesting Jobs’ funeral because he had a man made platform and didn’t acknowledge God, and he promoted immorality. Or some rubbish like that, pretty much ignoring any positive moral contribution Jobs may have been responsible for with his long term opposition to pornography.

Anyway. Those reactions are neither here nor there, so far as this post is concerned. Apparently more people tweeted about Jobs than about any other celebrity who has died in the Internet age. The tweets came faster, and lasted longer… Twitter made this graphic, posted on Flickr, using tweets about Jobs from yesterday, as their tribute. And I think it’s an interesting use of data.


If you check it out in its original size you can read the tweets.

Da Vinci eat your heart out: Vitruvian Gingerbread Man

Words can’t describe how awesome I think this picture is. I want to eat his many arms.

From Flickr, it was apparently a shirt on woot back in July. I need to pay more attention to Woot.

You may also like this Homer Simpson version

And Inspector Gadget – a Threadless Shirt.

Lego Godfather: An offer you can’t refuse

Luca sleeps with the fishes.

Those are from AT94’s Cinematic Set on Flickr.

There’s a whole pool of mafia themed legos. Awesome sauce.

Arrested Development: Now in Lego…

This is a Lego set I’d buy. If it were real. It’s not.

More in artist Pepa Quin’s Flickr. These are going to be displayed at Brickworld 2011. The coolest Lego show this year.

Flight path: fancy long exposure airport photography

Long exposure photography is pretty cool, combined with a bit of overlaying and you’ve got an interesting way to chart the movements of aircraft around an airport..

More in the Flickr Set.

Face painting: not high brow, but eyebrow

These are pretty clever. But I can’t tell if they’re self portraits (which is how they’re categorised on Flickr) or involve some sort of child labour.

Sucks to model for Jackson Pollock.

Low-fi Visualisations

Infographics and data visualisations are such powerful communication tools. And it turns out you don’t need a graphic design degree, or even necessarily a computer, to produce them…

Check these “State of the Internet” visualisations out…

For the purpose of this exercise I’m more interested in the style than the accuracy of the data (the numbers here don’t even add up).

They’re made using this infographic tool kit.

Love it. Thanks to Arthur for the link (via Facebook).

Minimalist Game Characters

A handy visual guide to game characters – provided you can identify them. From a Flickr user called Lishoffs.

You can buy it as a print here.
This operating system icons as Batman villains design (by Lishoffs) is also pretty clever.

Mmm. Type Sandwiches

This brings some of my favourite subjects together – typography, Helvetica and burgers. Delicious mix.

Via this Flickr set. There are more sandwiches there. But I love this one:

And this one:

The Human Project

If you liked the noun project – but would like your nouns with a little more narrative – then the Human Project might be worth watching, it’s one designer’s quest to explain globally recognised pictograms.