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Flight of the Conchords do fun charity song with kids, for kids

Love this. It’s been doing the rounds so you’ve probably seen it… but essay writing duties are killing my ability to post things in a timely manner. It’s also sucked out any ability I have to write a good heading.

Flight of the Conchords teamed up with some other Kiwis, and some kids, to write a charity song to raise money for sick children.

It’s nice. I especially love this confession from a young girl:

“I ate bubble mixture because I wanted to turn into a bubble”

Here’s the song if you want to skip the fun interviews with the kids.

YouTube Tuesday: I should have just conchord

For those who missed it – Flight of the Conchords is now on SBS on Mondays after South Park.

Last night Murray invested the band’s emergency funds with a Nigerian friend he met on the Internet.

Brilliant. Here’s a sample of their brilliance.

Shirt of the Day: Camera phone

It’s nice when online T-Shirt vendors like SnorgTees keep up with modern pop culture references – like Flight of the Conchords songs.

Also cool, and also from SnorgTees is this ninja shirt.