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The Beatles in hair

The Beatles evolved throughout their career – their music changed. And so did their hair.

Via Flowing Data.

Pull up a stool

I know what keeps my customers satisfied. Poo jokes. Have you heard of the Bristol Stool Scale? This is a public health announcement – but I don’t want you sharing in the comments. Here’s a nicely rendered chart for your bathroom wall – it’s better than the wikipedia image.

From the never more aptly named “Flowing Data.”

What your bed head says about how you slept

I like this infographic from FlowingData. Click it to see the full size (for those seeing this in the sidebar).

Bed Head Infographic

Food for thought

The three/ten/180 second rule is hotly debated. Just how long can food sit on the ground before you eat it? According to the doctors it’s not a long time (if you’re worried about bacteria transfering from surface to surface). But who listens to doctors anyway.

Here’s a handy flow chart that’ll help you know when to hold it, know when to fold it, know when to walk away and know when to run. I found it here.