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Music to study to: Angus and Julia Stone

I am thoroughly enjoying Angus and Julia Stone’s Down the Way at the moment. Its great music to write to, and the Dire Straitesque, or Knopfleresque, guitar solos are an interesting mix with their folky ennui. It looks like Mumford and Sons were a slippery slope into folk.

Here are a few of their songs if you’re uninitiated.

And a couple of nice live versions to finish:

A folksy confession

I am on the record, as an intemperate youth, suggesting that Folk Music is of the devil. I recant.

In my dotage I am really enjoying, folk, bluegrass and other music with banjos.

There’s a slight language warning on this clip – well, it’s not slight. It says a bad word starting with f many times. The rest of the album is free of cringeworthy cursing.

I give you. Mumford and Sons.

I’ve also really been enjoying Fionn Regan. But his “Put a Penny in the Slot” video has embedding disabled. So you’ll have to go to YouTube to watch it.

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