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Type face: software that models fonts on your face

Font whizzes Hoefler and Frere-Jones have come up with a pretty nifty and amazing little way of tweaking fonts. It is said that symmetrical faces are more beautiful, so beautiful people will doubtless make nicer fonts.

“Behold Andy modeling his latest creation, which employs Kyle McDonald’s FaceOSC library, GlyphMath from RoboFab, and Tal Leming’s Vanilla to mutate the geometries behind our Ideal Sans typeface in realtime.”

Check it out in action.

font-face from Andy Clymer on Vimeo.

Via Kottke

Shirt of the Day: Font Vader

May the font be with you…

Get it as a shirt here.

Fonts used include:

“Scala, Halibut condensed, Bordeaux light, balogna bold, Helvetica neue LT std, Gallante wild regular, Cressida, gressida, gardl, agatha, mahoney, eye rhyme, ranegund, adventurer black sf italic, F&H ronish – style, jessica, kunstler script, myriad pro bold cond, agency, street corner hyper extend, minstrella reg, wizard, context black ssk, bordeaux black slant, excess, organa condensed, chinyen normal”

Font wheel drive

Some car loving boffins got together and decided to make a font. That’s right. A font.

Here’s a video.

iQ font – When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

Here’s the font.