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You know what day it is?

Sometimes you need something like this to shock you out of whatever stupor you’re in and to remind you just how inane the lyrics to a song are.

It’s not Friday

R-B. Rebecca Black. Chances are this won’t get over 160,000,000 hits on Youtube. There’s a law of diminishing returns operating here. But I’m happy to extend R-B’s fame to 16 minutes.

8 Bit Friday: Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse

Celebrations about Rebecca Black’s decision to remove her phenomenal smash hit from YouTube citing some sort of “copyright dispute” (we all know she just realised it was awful) will be short lived. Why? Well. Watch. The question “can this song possibly sound worse” has been answered in the affirmative.

It’s (not) Friday, but this is clever

A little jumpy. A little bit like the kind of video you don’t show epileptics. A little bit good.



Sent to me by my friend Matt on Facebook. But between then and now it’s gone a bit viral.

It’s Good Friday, Good Friday, kicken back on Good Friday

I may or may not have internet access between now and Sunday. So in the meantime. Enjoy Easter. Send me chocolate.

Sunday: Two days after Friday – a Christian parody video

Well. Call me (and Gary) a prophet.

It’s finally here. The day song you’ve been waiting for. Sunday. Better than Friday

I must warn you, I haven’t watched this. It popped up in my feed just now, and I’m in a lecture. But I promise you it will be bad.

Orchestral Friday

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday. Which means time for fun, fun, fun. Orchestra style.