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Mullet-Mo for the gospel

This. My friends. Is a fundraising opportunity that perhaps outclasses Movember. Mullet-mo for the Gospel.

Every $10 donated to Katherine Yock’s Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) support fund keeps Peter Yock’s mullet – and mo – growing for another day. And earns you a photo of the mullet. $50 buys you a whole week. You can give online.

AFES does great gospel work around Australia – and Katherine does great work at my old uni, where I was involved with AFES. So this is a cause dear to my heart.

yock mullet

The Yocks are having a baby soon – and the mullet is already funded up to November. I think if a bunch of you, dear readers, were to donate, that we could make sure the baby actually remembers the mullet.

Give hard, so that the Yocks can keep partying hard. Like it’s 1980 something.

Clean water for India + Free Indian Coffee = Good equation

Hey. Dave Miers has almost raised $2,000 to give clean water to Indian children. Which is a fantastic use of an online platform.

There’s about $190 to go for him to hit that target – so why don’t you help. My dear readers. And here’s an extra special deal which I announced here yesterday. If you give more than $30 to this cause I will give you some Indian Coffee. Roasted with love.

I just ordered 6kg of the beans – and I’d be more than happy to up that order if the threshold is well and truly cleared.

These beans are exceptional (and a little bit scary to roast – I don’t do them often because they’re extra dry and I almost burned the house down once).

Here’s a little about the beans I’m roasting from ministrygrounds:

“Gregory Joseph Coelho, the patriarch of the Coelho family, founded the Silver Cloud Estates in The Nilgiris in the early 20th Century and made coffee growing a family tradition.

The legacy is now carried on by his son V.G. Coelho who set up Coelho Coffee Exports to export monsooned coffee, after The Coffee Board had formally liberalized its hold on speciality coffee exports.

The coffee beans are sourced from the Coelho plantations which are situated in a hilly range called the Western Ghats with ideal conditions for the growth of coffee. The beans are of the finest quality.

During processing, they are exposed to monsoon winds where they develop a pale golden color and acquire a distinctive taste. Monsooned Malabar has a low acidity and is exceptionally smooth, full bodied with pleasant Chocolate under tones.”

Wikipedia has more about the monsoon processing:

“Whole crop cherry coffee are selected and sun-dried in expansive barbecues. The dried beans are cured and sorted into ‘AA’ and ‘A’ grades, after which, they are stored in warehouses till the onset of monsoon. From June through September, the selected beans are exposed to moisture-laden monsoon winds in well-ventilated warehouses (12 to 16 weeks time). The monsooning process involves careful handling, repeated spreading, raking and turning around in regular intervals. The beans absorb moisture and get significantly large, turning into pale golden in colour. Further micro-sorting is done to separate fully monsooned beans, and then the world gets to taste the finest monsooned coffees. Absolutely pure and mellow to the core.”

Want to try them? Give generously to help more Indian children to grow up so that more awesome coffee can be produced (not to mention all the love you’ll be showing to people you’ve never met across the world). It’s classic win/win.

Money for something, and your kicks for free

Dave Miers is raising money so that kids can drink clean water in India. You should help him meet his target of $2,000. He’s got $600 left. For one day only – if you donate money to his fundraising cause and tell me (I’ll check) I’ll send you 250gm of freshly roasted coffee for every donation of $30 or more. I’ll even buy and roast some Indian Coffee for the occasion.

Here’s the direct link to the donation page. Here’s the link to a post on his blog.

I think it’s a good cause, and I’m happy to support it. I do like the poetry of supporting clean water in India by offering to dirty yours.

Harnessing your blogdom for the power of awesomeness

Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like has turned a good idea into a book deal, notoriety, and one of the Christian blogosphere’s most popular blogs.

This week he’s turned his blog into a money raising powerhouse – securing $30,000 in donations for a new Vietnamese orphanage in about 18 hours.

That’s pretty awesome.

Abraham Piper helped out with an interview – and has announced that this week he’ll be focused on raising money for worthy causesstarting with child sponsorship.

I like these ideas. So much that I’m setting up a Tear Really Useful Gift Shop as an experiment. I’d like to buy goats and cows for villages¬† in the hope that they’ll be called Eutychus.

Click here to buy a really useful gift. Prices start at $5 for fish farms. I don’t expect anyone to buy a cow for $300. But it’s an animal, so I included it in the store – along with some vegetarian options.

If you want to donate part of a cow let me know in the comments.