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Angry Birds in Real Life (for angry bird watchers)

Do you have any idea how much the bird watching industry is worth world wide annually? No. Well. It’s billions. More than $36 billion in the U.S alone. Angry Bird watching is a little known subset involving smart phones, iDevices, and the internet. Merge the two and you’d be on some sort of cash cow. Or cash crow. Here’s an example of what the Angry Birds might look like in real life.

From DeviantArtist Mohamed Raoof

Real Life Angry Birds

A nice little video from Rooster Teeth.

8 bit: games in real life

I like this series of photos. Very clever.

Hyrule Field

Hyaku Retsu Harite (aka Hundred Hand Slap)

Keeping The Mean Streets Clean

More on Flickr.

Real Life Fruit Ninja

A couple of rude words in this. But it’s funny.

Don’t play with knives people. Don’t do it.

Questioning the premise of Angry Birds

What happens when the troops start questioning the methods employed by their generals? Revolution. That’s what.

And so it begins.

Take me driving in your third person car…

Like many of the internet generation I’m a fan of Red vs Blue. And I was thrilled to discover that the Red v Blue back catalogue is on YouTube.

I discovered that because I watched this video, made by Rooster Teeth, the guys responsible for Red v Blue… there’s a pretty strong language warning on this one about half way in.

Here, in case you haven’t seen it, is the first episode of Red V Blue – there’s a language warning on it too. It’s a series shot entirely using characters from Halo.

Mario Kart on real life streets

An enterprising soul has painted Mario Kart symbols on a bike path in Portland. Hilarity, and Mario power-ups, ensued.

Via here.

In other Mario related news, it appears that Bowser, the franchise’s dragon/turtle villain – may have actually (though accidentally) been based on a real (but thankfully now extinct) animal.

Here’s Bowser. Note the similarities.

Via here.

Saved by WoW

If you go out in the woods today you better have played some WoW, at least if you’re going to confront an angry moose. That is one of the coolest sentences I’ve ever written. But it’s real. Two Norwegian siblings were confronted by an angry, and territorial, moose while on a jaunt through the forest. The twelve year old Hans Olsen saved his little sister by bringing skills he’d developed in the WoW world into the real world

Thanks to his numerous encounters in Blizzard’s MMORPG, his first reaction was to “taunt” the moose so that it would ignore his younger sister. With its focus shifting to the boy, the sister was able to flee and head for safety.

In the PC game, taunting is the ability to draw the attention of the attacking beast away from the lower-level and less-armored party members. Apparently it works on real-world beasts too.

After the girl escaped, Hans initiated another World of Warcraft tactic he learned at level 30: feigning his death. Dropping to the ground and remaining inanimate, he waited for the moose to sniff him out and lose interest.

Real life Lemmings

This street art is funny – but it is not “Lemmings in real life” (as this link proclaims) it is “characters from the game Lemmings in a real life context”… This, on the other hand, is a real life lemming…

Hunting in Pacs

You’re thinking “you’ve posted so many of these games in real life things that they no longer impress me”… and you’d be right. But the team at cracked.com have taken their rendering of five classic game characters to new levels. Justifying the elements of the drawing with well thought out zoological assessments of the lifestyle of the character involved…

Here’s why Pacman should have teeth.

“Though he was a fearsome hunter, Pac-Man was also an omnivore–he fed off live prey as well as vegetation (see cherries). Therefore he probably had a set of teeth quite similar to a human’s: Longer, sharper incisors to the front, with molars to the rear. Because Pac-Man didn’t have the razor-sharp claws or other grabbing capabilities we see in most land-based predators, he probably ate most like a snake. This connection strengthens when you notice his trademark gaping maw, which allowed him to swallow prey more quickly and use his stomach to do most of the digesting. This also accounts for the unusual shape of Pac-Man: We’re only familiar with the fuller, rounder body because his handlers obviously wanted to use a sedated, well-fed creature during gameplay to help limit aggression and the potential for violence.”

Rationalising video games

Video games are so unrealistic it’s hard to imagine why there are people out there dedicated to stamping them out on the basis that they cause crime.

Not only is gravity in Mario’s world in an iterative state of flux – it’s completely implausible that an Italian plumber could run around bashing his head into blocks of bricks. Bricks that are suspended by nothing more than skyhooks…

Cracked set its readers the task of bringing reality back to the gaming world.

And ghosts are totally irrational…

No Duck Hunt is complete without a PETA protest…

Real life Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt was an awesome game. The zapper was magic (though I found out how it worked) and the little ducks just begged to be plucked from the sky.

If you’ve been missing the NES experience, like I have, you’ll be excited to know you can now pick up a real life version of the game.

More games in real life

Reliving the classics

I’ve posted a bunch of games in real life type things before, but none has been as beautiful as this collection. They really are nice. And all my favourites are there – Pacman, Tetris and Space Invaders. Can’t go wrong really.

You got game…

If I was asked to reenact a scene from a computer game – any computer game – one of the last options I’d consider would be the bonus level from Street Fighter II where you get to beat up a car.

I’m not this guy. Who is taking things pretty seriously.