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Having a gBall™

Tim asked if I’m planning to blog about April Fools news stories today. I was thinking about it. But hadn’t decided.

I was watching the Today Show this morning – and I never cease to be amazed by the number of people fulled by a pretty poor April Fools joke – just because it’s on TV.

The Today Show had school speed zones being manned by speedo and bikini clad “SPEEDOS” (an acronym they kept repeating) holding speed signs to remind drivers. Prompting much outrage.

Google’s joke is classier – the gBall would be a triumph of modern convergence technology…

The features:

  • Weighs an extra 107g
  • Extra 35.8mm in diameter
  • Kicks are automatically measured using special in-built equipment
  • You get personalised online kicking tips and suggestions, based on kicking data
  • gBall vibrates if player agents or talent scouts want to speak to you
  • Find your lost gBall online using Google Maps

The Link – gBall™.