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Have your shirt and eat it too

All novelty T-Shirt lovers love Threadless. Well, probably. If you are a novelty T-Shirt lover and you don’t – then please, let me know.

Threadless is good. But it lacks calories. So here’s a site that fixes that little problem. Turning this:

Into this

There are heaps more

Cake cartography

It’s been a while since the last geeky cake post. So here you go. A Mario Cart cake. From Flickr.

Cake that’ll fill the gaps

In honour of Tetris’s 25th birthday I give you this. A geeky Tetris wedding cake. Beautiful. No doubt my wife (and little sister number 1 – who made our cake) is thankful that we’re already married.

This is part of an article featuring geeky wedding cakes which also featured this Mario cake…