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Some more amazing cinemagraphs

Ahh. The humble gif. Why did it take you so long to get classy? You might remember the post about cinemagraphs from a month ago. Or so. It was amazing. Here are some more.

From here

From here (same guy as above, there’s a series)

From here

Here are some not so nice gifs. In a gif museum. To remind you why you hated the Internet when it was full of them. And some nicer not nice gifs. As in they use the medium well, but not as well as the above.

These were all poached from this great feature about the art of the gif on dashes.com, and I commend it to you.

My mind. Blown. And my eyes too…

I don’t often post gifs here. Their constant movement makes my eyes bleed. We’ll see how long I keep this one up. It is absolutely mesmerising.

Amy sent this one to me on Twitter. I don’t know where it’s from originally. Some tumblr somewhere.

Oprah’s Gif(t) of death

This just makes me laugh every time I see it.

From here.

X-rayted conversation

This is a gif of a head being x-rayed while talking. It is pretty cool.

From here – where there’s another one.

I suspect Hebrew would look very different.

Super Mario Art

I’ve probably used this heading before. But it seems fitting. You can generate your own Mario ending sequence here. They come out a little something like this:

Science hurts

Mythbusters has a lot to answer for. They really should append “don’t try this at home” to anything to do with soft drink and mentos.

From bits and pieces

Don’t get tied to your desk

This is funny. I’m not sure it will work in this size – but it made me laugh lots – and I found it here.

Friend + Friend + Swiss Ball = Awesome

Somersaulting on one exercise ball is awesome – but two guys somersaulting on one exercise ball is doubly so. From here.