Facebook Email… umm… I mean “New Messages”

So, Facebook have announced their gmail killer that isn’t really a gmail killer at all – but a new fangled way of controlling what you read and who you read it from. The new “messages” accounts (which include an optional Facebook email address) will be rolling out in invitation only beta for a while. If you want an invite you should go to this link (if you haven’t already).

I’m the kind of guy who wants Facebook and Google mining all my data so they give me more relevant ads and less ads about Christian dating and bad coffee. You might not be…


I signed up for Google Buzz just then – have you? Google is going after Facebook. And they’ve integrated with gmail so that I have a nice one stop shop.

Here, in case you’re wondering, is my google profile (that existed before Buzz) – I don’t know how “friending” works with this thing yet – but feel free to work it out and add me.

Round of applause

Someone much more technically astute than me designed this cube – that lights up when you get a new email in your gmail account.

It’s pretty clever. But almost completely useless.
The reason I mention this now is that a British designer has just launched a “self applauding machine ” that will launch into a hearty clapping session at the touch of a button.
I reckon some enterprising software engineering type could rejig it so that it applauds every time someone posts a comment on your blog/Facebook photos/anything online that indicates they have taken some interest in your work. Any volunteers?


I’m loving this new Gmail theme. I am Ninja! I especially love that the inbox stars are shurikens. Totally, awesomely ninja. It takes me back, somewhat nostalgically to the coolest ninja game ever – other than Shinobi – Ninja Mission on the Amiga.

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