Gospel Martial Arts Union: I love that this is even a thing

The other day my fingers failed me – and as I tried to touch type my way to google, I ended up typing gmau into my Chrome search/address bar.

This is where I ended up.

The Gospel Martial Arts Union (not to be confused with the gospel Marital Arts Union).

I am so glad this is a thing, and that this otherwise obscure verse in Psalms can be used as such an important proof text.

They like the KJV…

“We honor and respect the King James Version. It is our primary version for use in teaching and Bible memory work. We regard it as a trustworthy translation that bears all the marks of orthodoxy. We appreciate the beauty of its language. We are not, however, “King James only” in our position. We are convinced that, because of the diligent study of the original languages and the discoveries of archaeologists in the last 350 years, contemporary scholars are able to translate the Scriptures with a high degree of precision. Some of the modern versions make a valuable contribution to our understanding of God’s revelation.”

But luckily they’re open handed about the issue (boom tish). Or they’d be punching on…

“To sum up, the GMAU holds a high view of the origin and importance of the Scriptures. We believe that the textual debate is a difference of opinion about God’s means of the preservation of His Word. We encourage the use of the KJV for teaching and Bible memory work. However, we also acknowledge the individual liberty of every believer to use whatever translation or version he or she chooses for personal study and devotional life. We believe that a “literal” translation should be used for study (for example, the KJV, NASB, NKJV, ESV), however “dynamic” translations (NIV) and paraphrases (NLT, The Message) can be used very effectively for devotional purposes.”