Become a professional golfer in just 3,600,000 easy steps

Steps on an analog clock that is… this guy is trying to test out that theory popularised by Malcolm Gladwell that expertise takes 10,000 hours. And he’s trying it on golf. Here’s the recipe for expertise…

“The Dan Plan will take six hours a day, six days a week, for six years. He is keeping diligent records of his practice and progress. People who study expertise say no one has done quite what Dan is doing right now.”

That’s from this feature story on the man with the plan – Dan McLaughlin.

His website,, is tracking his progress (1,400 hours so far).

Fascinating stuff.

Potty potty putter idea

I’ve posted some stupid products lately. I don’t know why. They’re just indicative of what’s been tickling my fancy. But today I’m plumbing new depths. With this. The potty golf set. That’s right. Make Christmas special this year with this easy to assemble toilet golf putter game. It fits snuggly against the base of the loo – allowing you to putt while you do your business.

On golf

Golf is a stupid sport. I’m glad it’s not in the Olympics. Someone once told me that to get ahead in corporate life you should learn to play golf – and also learn to lose to your superiors. I think not learning to play golf almost guarantees the latter. 

Anyway, golf is a stupid game. I’m not sure what prompted this post.

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