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How to get more dropbox space in a slightly tricky fashion

So my recent Dropbox ad giveaway was pretty popular, and while I was scrounging around to see if I could get more free advertising dollars I came across this offer from Google. Because I work as a web and social media consultant (and I do), I could sign up to become a Google Engage Partner.

They give me a bunch of $75 vouchers. You set up a google adwords account (using a gmail address, and registering at google.com/adwords). I send you a voucher code. You build your own $75 ad campaign with your dropbox referral link.

We all win. Except me. But I get to give something away. First ten people who meet these criteria can have a code:

  • Vouchers can only be used on new accounts opened in the last 14 days with a new billing address located in Australia or New Zealand.
  • An AdWords account can use only one voucher.

PS email me to get the code, my address is floating around on the site somewhere. If you want to hire me as a consultant you can use that email address too. Though I’m currently fairly flat out.

How to punish banks for unwarranted fees

This idea is not my own (I’m not sure I should name the person involved), and it involves something google discourages as “click fraud,” but next time you feel like a bank has charged you unreasonable fees call them and tell them that unless they rescind them you’ll go to google, find one of their ads, and click it enough times to double the price of the fee. It’s a modernised version of the old scheme of  sending payments in coins with insufficient postage (where the bank apparently receives a fee to claim their mail).