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How to promote your band on Google Street View

It’s simple really. If you’re an aspiring musician just wait until you hear Google is updating images of the streets in your suburb and then follow these steps and you’ll sell millions, if not billions of copies to workers in Indian call centres.

  1. Get a guitar.
  2. Get a sign.
  3. Drive around until you see the Street View Car.
  4. Go one block past the Street View Car.
  5. Set up a placard and pose.

The result: Priceless.


Virtual billboards

Streetview is cool right? For the luddites (who are unlikely to be reading a blog) it’s Google map’s feature where you can actually experience moving along certain streets because they sent a car that looks like this out into the wild to take photographs.

These photographs have been built into maps. Making it much easier to stalk people or check out the neighbourhood you are thinking about living in.

Google is great at turning things like this into money. So Make is reporting that Google has patented technology that will allow them to turn billboards in their street view photographs into spaces for adwords. If these adwords are location based this will be a fantastic tool for geographically specific advertising.