Cool five person solo guitar Gotye cover

This is all over Facebook already. But I’m on the farm in Dalby, so can be forgiven for being behind the times.

Also interesting, and related, is the content of the deluxe version of Gotye’s making mirrors, which describes the process of putting together some of his songs.

Sunday Night Music: Gotye, Hearts A Mess

A few of us went to see Gotye yesterday with “orchestra” at Brisbane’s Powerhouse. It was sensational. The instruments were slightly different to the array in this version from JJJ. But this song was insane. It gave me goose bumps.

As a bonus – here’s Eskimo Joe covering Somebody That I Used to Know.

Tuesday Night Music: A bit of Gotye

Pretty excited to be seeing Gotye in Brisbane in October. He’s playing with an orchestra. Should be awesome.

Also, Boy and Bear’s new album Moonfire is the goods. One of the guys in the band is named Killian. I really don’t mind that name, but Robyn has ruled it out for any sons we might have in the future.

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