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North Korea’s Young (oppressed) Talent Time

The Dear Leader has passed. But his cultural legacy lives on thanks to these clips of North Korean children performing song and dance… It’s what you get when you cross Young Talent Time with a dictator who wears platform shoes.

A certain percentage of these children grow up to become this…

This post was inspired by this video, which the uploader dubbed “creepy” I dub it “odd benefit of a bizarre and oppressive regime”… these kids are cute, and their synchronised head bobbing is something to behold.

Somebody mashed a couple of those videos up with some Metallica… Good times.

Buy a guitar: +10 to mad guitar skillz

Robyn has two guitars. She only needs one now. The second was her classroom guitar back in the days when she was a school teacher. So I’ve just listed one on ebay. I had some fun with the description.

“Being an acoustic guitar it will also add +5 to your charisma, and if you are a single man +7 to your picking up girls ability. Whether you’re a rocker, a surfer, or a crooner – this guitar could have you on the turn off to the backstreet, that leads to the causeway, to the highway to success and stardom. Lets not sell its attributes too highly. We’re all about realism here. And you’ll be able to keep it real yourself if this guitar enters your possession.”

Please bid generously. And feel free to ask questions on the sale page – I will do my best to answer even the silliest ones.

A bit picky

This is such an amazingly cool invention. A hole punch that turns bits of plastic (like your old credit cards) into guitar picks.

It’s called the Pick Punch. And it has totally solved any pangs of anxiety for not having bought loose acquaintances Christmas or birthday gifts for the last five years. Now you can just grab a pile of plastic and tell those people to take their pick.


The guy who made this actually starts playing it about 2 minutes in to the video.