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That last post. Yep. The one about Taxidermied animals. That was post number 5,000 on this ‘ere little corner of the Internet. I’m pretty proud of that effort. I’ve been going, according to a date calculator thing, for five years, four months and twenty days (1968 days). And in that time I’ve averaged 2.5 posts a day.

I’ve known my blog for longer than I’ve known my wife.

To celebrate, I got hacked. Good and proper. By the Russian mob. Not just this site, but all the sites I manage. I think I’ve fixed it, possibly temporarily. After an almost all nighter. If you see anything amiss please get in touch with me. But in the meantime, I took those hackers. And I THREW THEM ON THE GROUND.


I made that little picture myself. I thought it would’ve been done to death, but I found no evidence of that online…

Did everyone catch Anna Bligh on celebrity Master Chef last night. What a laff. Queensland produce was centre stage… right up until the second ad break. When the Queensland LNP took out a sixty second (I think) ad calling the Labor Party a pack of liars – with a nice, intense close up of a nice, intense looking Anna Bligh.

Unfortunately they couldn’t really capitalise on their ad. The call to action was the LNP website – sadly it seems to have been hacked. If you google LNP google gives you all sorts of warnings about the site not being safe. And you eventually get to an LNP holding page announcing maintenance.

Here is the graphical evidence…