HaikuLeaks: Wikileaks in Japanese poem form

Some people out there aren’t big fans of Haikus. Those 5/7/5 Japanese poems. I am not some people. I even resigned my job with the power of Haiku. So I’m impressed with this website that searches the wikileaks site for naturally occurring haikus. Like these:

Instead, he gulped three
cans of Coca-Cola while
inhaling his food.

He added that there
should be ‘no blank checks, no checks
at all,’ for Hamas.

The vessels are met
either on shore or a short
distance off the coast.

It uses a snippet of code that you can run over any text you want. Which you can get here.

How to man hug

Man hugs are pretty awesome. I’ve just been thinking about the furore surrounding the Poe’s Law breach that occured with that Christian Side Hug rap video. It turns out the video was serious – but the origin of the concept was satire.

It used to be that in order for heterosexual males to demonstrate man to man affection they had to engage in play fighting or wrestling. This was a little too subtle. The key to a good, unambiguous piece of man to man affection is to send the right signals during the hug.

This is accomplished using the obligatory three taps, or firm pats, on the back of both parties to the hug. In a group hug – say the hug that comes when celebrating a goal in soccer – these pats are not necessary.

The three pats are said to be non verbal communication for “I’m not gay”… but they are in fact an act of manly testosterone fueled but properly directed aggression.

Here is the rule for hugging expressed in haiku.

Remember fellas
For a successful man hug
Just back slap three times

This easy Japanese poem is the key to more expressive man to man relationships.

That is all.

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