Coffee with grunt

This little coffee maker reminds me of those bottle openers with arms. You know… the little man bottle openers. It doesn’t need power – except to boil the water. And requires a bit of elbow grease. If you’re one of those people who’ll only eat something that requires extra effort to produce then this might be for you…

It’s called a Presso. And you can buy them in Australia.

Presso Demonstration from Bush Branding and Marketing on Vimeo.

It reminds me of the previously posted MyPressi Twist

And the Handpresso

Brew by you

What do you get if you merge a bike pump with a coffee machine? A handpresso.

This could be the world’s smallest espresso producing device – unless you’ve got a really small stovetop brewer. It’s very cool – and $99.

The downside – as far as I can see – is that the system uses pods. Which plenty of people are enthusiastic about. But nothing beats freshly ground, freshly roasted coffee. When there’s a basket system this could be a winner. You can buy it here.

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