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Hipster relativity

This week we had the pleasure of hosting our friends Arthur and Tamie as part of their Brisbane adventure. The conversation turned to hipsters, and Brisbane’s apparent lack there of. Well. We sure showed them. We went to West End.

But, as it turns out. “Hipster” is relative.

Via Dustinland.com

Bike tricks for hipsters

Perhaps inspired by the previous post, perhaps a coincidence – if you’re looking for some tricks to pull on your fixie – here are 50 “no hands” moves you can pull as you do a mainie on your pushie.


Tumblrweed: Dads are the original hipsters

Hipsters. Love them, hate them, they’re here to stay. At least until something cooler comes along. But lets face it. Moustaches and tight clothes epitomise cool. I’d be a hipster if I could grow a mo. And if I didn’t want to mock them relentlessly. But I digress. Dads are the Original Hipsters demonstrates, photographically, that there is nothing original about our current generation of hipsters. They are just copying our dads.

The only difference is the lack of deliberate irony for most of these dads.