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Home Alone gets twitterfied

Home Alone is a classic movie. These days classic movies reach classic status when they are relived on Twitter. Apparently. So here’s a sample of the “Home Alone Project” that recently took place on Twitter. Check it out.

  1. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    ARRRRGGHHH!!! Wooo woooooo wooo **sizzle** 1:50 PM Dec 25th from API

  2. Kevin McCallister KevinMcCal

    LOL @Harry_Lyme just got a Blowtorch to the head… 1:49 PM Dec 25th from web

  3. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    @KevinMcCal heh hehe You’re dead kid! 1:48 PM Dec 25th from API

  4. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    @#¢€*&!! I’m gonna rip his head off…!!! 1:47 PM Dec 25th from web

  5. Marv Merchants TallnCurly

    **4″ nail + Foot** AARGGGGHHH!!! AAARGHH ARRRRGHHH ARRGGH!! 1:43 PM Dec 25th from web

  6. Marv Merchants TallnCurly

    Down to one red sock… WHO PUTS ROOFING TAR ON STEPS?!?!?!?? 1:42 PM Dec 25th from API

  7. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    ouch. http://twitpic.com/v20o3 1:40 PM Dec 25th from API

  8. Kevin McCallister KevinMcCal

    Yesssssss! Yes, yes, yes, yes! 1:39 PM Dec 25th from web

  9. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    **sizzle** ARRRGGGGHHH!!!!! oow ow owww ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!!! **sizzle** aaaahhhhhh 1:38 PM Dec 25th from web

  10. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    @KevinMcCal Gggrrrr You little creep, where are you?? 1:37 PM Dec 25th from web

  11. Harry Lyme Harry_Lyme

    Oh, boy. That’s it, you little…**slip** You little son of a…**slip** No, not this time, you little brat!! 1:36 PM Dec 25th from web

  12. Marv Merchants TallnCurly

    Look what the kid just did to me!! http://twitpic.com/v1zhc 1:32 PM Dec 25th from web

  13. Marv Merchants TallnCurly

    **click** **RATTLE** … **SLAM** ..OWW!! ….**SIZZLE** 1:31 PM Dec 25th from web

  14. Marv Merchants TallnCurly

    **slam** 1:30 PM Dec 25th from API

  15. Marv Merchants TallnCurly

    **crow bar** … one tough door. **click** …oh. It’s open… 1:29 PM Dec 25th from web

Meth makes a screamer

Dan Meth, who has done a whole lot of cool stuff that I’ve posted before, put together this nice little Munch/Home Alone mash up…

I thought it was funny.

Home Alone

Robyn’s on the farm until Wednesday with her folks. I’m home alone. I have set booby traps accordingly. Those wet bandits aren’t going to catch me unawares.

I am “celebrating” by staying up late, drinking beer, eating fast food for my meals and hopefully playing some computer games tomorrow… and I’m blogging, obviously.