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Cool Star Wars Hoodie not a contradiction in terms

I’m not really a Star Wars fan – I haven’t seen episodes three or five of the six movies – nor have I read any books or watched any of the other productions (like the animated ones). But I would totally wear one of these Marc Ecko hoodies if they weren’t so prohibitively expensive (there are five varieties).

Star Wars Real Trooper Hoodie by Marc Ecko - Marc Ecko Enterprises

Get in touch with your inner sewer

You could, given the right balance of acuity and resources, sew one of these hoodies yourself. Or you could just buy one. All four turtles are represented.

For the hoodielums

If you fancy a bit or reptilian martial arts this January but need a target to direct your renaissance inspired ire towards… then why not buy an unfriend this Shredder hoodie and then proceed to kung-fu the Christmas overindulgence out of them.

Shredder Jumper Ninja Turtles

Nananana nananana hoodie…

Sock it to the fashion police with this retro Batman hoodie that’ll have you powing and whaming in no time…

Shirt of the Day: Clothing with bite

These hoodies are pretty cool.

Too Pac? Not in this hood

That title right there folks is a hip hop reference. It’s just for Ben.

The rest of this post is simply to inform you that if you truly love me you should buy me this for Christmas – or my birthday – it is the same day so I’ll even let you get away with combining the presents…