Viking Flashmob

A horde of vikings, led by a Hollywood prop builder, are running around LA invading restaurants and pillaging as they see fit.

The best bit of this story is about the mob’s visit to IKEA. The homeland.

“We got a group of nine vikings to go there for the Swedish meatballs,” he said. “At one point, the security guards came up and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ We said, ‘We’re from the home office in Sweden.’ They didn’t know how to react.”

What sort of Ikea furniture are you?

Anna, of Goannatree, sent me this link (via an interesting looking blog called Young House Love), it’s one of those “what sort of x are you” things that searches through the database of Ikea products to find the closest, most Swedish, version of you…

I’ve been to Ikea twice since making the move to Brisbane – once with a bona fide Swede. I’m proud to announce that I am a small table.

Say goodbye to the Allen Key

This funky piece of furniture (I’m not sure what it is… bookshelves I think) has the added bonus of being completely and utterly sustainable. And possibly green – because it saved some trees. Assembly is slightly more complex than your average IKEA piece. It’s made from cardboard. Cardboard you might find lying around your house, or in recycling bins.

You can learn how to make your own cardboard furniture here.

There, I must have an environmental bone in my body afterall. Somewhere near the funny bone.

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